A Link Between Stress Relief and Clearer Skin

Bad Skin Condition? Holistic Stress Relief May Cure It

According to a report released on August 7th, 2014 by the American Dermatology Association (ADA), research suggests stress relief techniques may help relieve skin outbreaks. Alternative forms of treatment in the form of stress relief techniques could become treatment options for dermatology patients.

Dermatologist Richard D. Granstein, MD, FAAD of Weil Cornell College department of dermatology explained the relationship between the nervous system and skin conditions in the ADA article.

He stated that the nervous system has an affect on inflammatory skin conditions. Stress can cause the nervous system to increase the production of certain chemicals that casuse inflammation in the skin.

Since this finding, alternative treatments to reduce stress such as mediation and yoga are being recommended by dermatologists.

Dr. Heather Ciliberto, MD, dermatologist affiliated with the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics, supports this latest research. “Stress can trigger numerous reactions within the skin,” she said. “When patients are having to cope with a certain skin condition, the addition of stress and anxiety only makes their condition worse, more often than not.”

Dr. Ciliberto suggests her patients suffering from stress due to their skin condition also be treated for anxiety and find stress relief outlets. She suggests practicing deep breathing daily.

So what kinds of stress relief outlets are there?

Many holistic healing sites, such as Undergroundhealth.com, recommend doing yoga for stress and anxiety relief.

One student at the University of Iowa, Taylor Stewart swears by this.

“The only times I break out are when I’m stressing over a test or something at work,” said Taylor, “I try to do yoga whenever I can to eliminate my stress.”

“Yoga provides a release in the body,” stated Kristin Cass, yoga instructor at Hot House Yoga in Iowa City, Iowa, “when you detoxify your body in this way, it could contribute to less acne and definitely to less stress.”

Cass has frequent skin rashes as a reaction to stress. In order to self-treat this condition, she practices the yoga routines she reaches daily at Hot House. “I tend to get rashes when I am stressed out,” she said, “I do the full routine more often, and the rash goes away.”

(–>Check out this yoga routine on MindBodyGreen as well!)

Now, holistic healing facilities and yoga studios could expect an influx of patients suffering from stress-induced or exacerbated skin conditions. Those suffering from persistent acne or stress related outbreaks might want to consider taking up yoga or meditation as a form of therapy.

So next time you find yourself breaking out, sit back in a peaceful spot, and try yoga-inspired meditation. That’s what I’ll be doing.



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