Spice Up Your Homemade Egg Nog with the All Natural Recipe!

So I’ve been given the task of making the Egg Nog this year for my family’s Christmas party. However, I wanted to spice up the traditional eggnog recipe. Thanks to Wellness Mama and Thank Your Body, I was able to do so! Check out my All Natural (for Adults Only) Egg Nog How-To Video! I might even give me boyfriend’s family a batch of this wonderful stuff as a Christmas Eve gift as well!


Homemade Strawberry Lemonade Gummies!

Check out my “How To” video below in which I make some awesome all-natural gummies! I’ll definitely be giving these to my little cousins at our family Christmas party. I wonder where I can find Christmas themed molds….

Special thanks to Hollywood Homestead for the recipe! Check out the site for more awesome natural and paleo recipes.

Protect Yourself Naturally

Scared of the Ebola outbreak?

Looking for a way to limit the spread and save yourself from contracting the virus, as well as any virus for that matter?

Well look no further.

The easiest way to protect yourself from disease is to amp up your your body’s innate defense program – the immune system.

Lucky for you, nature has provided everything you need to boost your body’s defenses against bacterial and viral invaders. Including anti-bacterial and anti-viral herbs in your diet is simple and easy, not to mention quite tasty.

Listed below are some natural immune boosters to start adding into your diet provided by underground health. Check out their blog for more all-natual remedies and health advice!










Anti-viral herbs:


lemon balm

olive leaf

oregano oil

Add these ingredients to your teas, meals, and even smoothies! Your body will thank you.

Nutrition First, Mind and Spirit Next

Holistic Living focuses on three interconnecting aspects of the human being: the mind, the body, and the spirit. It is only through the healing and maintenance of all three of these sides that one can fully live, and ultimately heal, holistically. Tackling all three of these aspects at once could be quite taxing, however; I will attempt to adjust and heal each side of myself one at a time, step by step, beginning with my body and, specifically, my nutrition.

In my research on the holistic lifestyle, I have come across several different blogs and websites preaching of the benefit of moderation, choosing fresh, whole, and organic foods, and drinking plenty of water. Adopting these lifestyle changes has an inevitable impact on not only one’s physical health, but also one’s mental health and emotional well-being.

According to a recent video published on Healthy Holistic Living, nutritional deficiencies are direct causes of mood disorders such as depression and panic disorders. Now, not all of us may be suffering from mood disorders of this severity, but I believe if nutrition plays such an integral impact on those suffering from such disorders, a simple improvement in diet and nutrition will definitely improve an emotionally healthy individual’s emotional well-being.

So how am I going to adjust my diet in order to better my nutritional intake and general mood?

Well, I’m starting with a grocery shopping spree! Broke college students such as myself struggle to find affordable and quick meal solutions. Dorm food and the plethora of chain restaurants, burger joints, and Mexican grills definitely do not help in this nutrition dilemma either. With that being said, a trip to the local Hy-Vee is a must. Let the search for cheap, fresh, organic, and whole foods begin!

Next step – learning new recipes to cook all of this food and boost my Holistic Living repertoire. But that will require another blog post, of course.

Until Next Time!